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Amazon’s eco-system comprises many elements, including PPC, SEO, and listing optimization. It would be best to work with professionals who understand the Amazon algorithm and improve these elements to skyrocket your sales.



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Discover the Power of Amazon Marketing

More about Amazon Marketing

Our Amazon specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of your store and aim to find out deficiencies. The process also includes detailed research of your competitors to get insights into your target audience’s likes and dislikes. It helps create USPs (unique selling points) and address product pain points.

By addressing the audience’s concerns and queries, we build a robust marketing strategy that is highly effective for brand building. Moreover, with the above insights, we can create near-perfect listings which benefit PPC and bring impressive ROIs.

Why choose us? Because we offer a diverse range of data-driven Amazon marketing services. Our services include:

  • Amazon SEO
  • Amazon PPC
  • Listing optimization
  • Product development
  • Generating performance reports
  • Semantic core development

In-House Benefits

A Fully Managed Service

  • Specialists who work alongside your marketing team
  • Experienced CMO who provides targeted guidance
  • A capable staff that provides round-the-clock support
  • A project manager dedicated to overseeing your project

Our Amazon specialists research, build and implement a strategy based on promising data that drives critical results, improves your sales, and lowers your ACoS.

With the above strategies, we are confident that your listings will rank in the top spots of the first page on your primary keyword. Get more traffic and boost your sales with Fortunatos.

What We Offer

More About our Expertise

Amazon SEO
Our SEO strategy includes intensive keyword research. We narrow it down to the most valuable key phrases. It allows you to get more traffic and qualified leads.
Amazon Advertising (PPC+DSP)
The most effective way to boost your sales and create brand awareness is by using PPC and DSP. Our paid advertising team has the expertise to achieve the optimal ACoS.
Amazon Product Optimization
We develop the product according to your audience's needs and preferences so that they can get maximum utility and you can get maximum profit with few complaints.

Here’s how We Work

All our secrets

1 Step

Client Onboarding + Initial Audit

After client onboarding, we start with the initial audit that allows us to create a road map for improvements and marketing strategies. We analyze your seller account and identify issues.

2 Step

Competitors Research

We pick your top competitors, conduct a comprehensive analysis that covers customer reviews, listing audits, sales, etc., and use the process to tailor listings and marketing strategies.

3 Step

Amazon Listing Optimization

We develop rich SEO titles, descriptions, and listing images (white background, infographics, and lifestyle images). They play a crucial role in customer conversion.

4 Step

Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC is becoming the primary method of ranking listings and bringing more traffic. Our experts target the best keywords to get qualified leads while keeping the ACoS minimum.

5 Step

Amazon DSP

Take an efficient brand-building approach and precisely target your audience. It is a practical approach to staying ahead of your competitors.

6 Step

Results and Reporting

By now, the results should be obvious. You can see the impact of your AMZ marketing campaigns and listings in the form of better visibility, more relevant traffic, ROI, and revenue.

Your Success Story Awaits

Discover genuine feedback from our clients. Read how our handcrafted solutions drive real results for their businesses.

Ella Patel | Head of Marketing
Our experience with Amazon PPC services has been exceptional, thanks to the personalized attention and effective strategies provided by the team at Fortunatos. The results have been outstanding, resulting in significant revenue growth.
Jacob Wood | Marketing Manager
Fortunatos Amazon PPC services have been exceptional. Their expert team's strategies and attention to detail have driven significant results and revenue growth on the platform.

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