Once upon a time, in the bustling realm of online commerce, there existed a remarkable app crafted to simplify the lives of Shopify store proprietors. Our journey alongside this ingenious app commenced in May 2023 with a noble quest to infuse it with marketing prowess and elevate its prominence.


  • Increase the app’s user base among Shopify store owners.
  • Decrease the Cost Per Install (CPI) to make acquisition efforts more efficient.
  • Elevate the number of paid subscriptions.
  • Improve overall user engagement and retention rates.
  • Enhance the visibility and awareness of the app within the Shopify ecosystem.
Case Shopify App Promotion, копия

Step 1: Rebranding App

With our wands ready, we delved into the heart of the app’s branding, seeking to unveil its true potential. Collaborating closely with our team of enchanters, we conjured forth a new logo, name, and captivating banner design fit for the digital stage. These enchantments aimed to captivate the attention of wandering merchants and beckon them into the app’s magical embrace.

To compare metrics, we analyzed the same cohort of users over different periods by changes: Shopify Ads – sitemap (term) – USA.

The Magic of Rebranding:

  • We jazzed up the app’s look and saw our click-through rate increase by 131%.
  • The install rate also got a makeover, jumping by a whopping 61%.

But the journey didn’t end there. We ventured deeper into branding, exploring new avenues for engagement and interaction. By creating captivating storytelling elements and immersive user experiences, we sought to forge lasting connections with our audience, turning fleeting glances into loyal companions on the path to digital success.

Case Shopify App Promotion, копия-2

Step 2: Shopify Ads Optimization

We waved our marketing wands and worked some spells on our Shopify Ads.

Our Strategy:

  • Keyword Restructuring and Optimization: We categorized campaigns into broad and exact matches. Broad campaigns targeted potentially relevant queries, later refined into exact match terms. Irrelevant queries were negated. This approach bolstered impressions volume and streamlined keyword management.
  • Bid Management: Leveraging Relevance, Auction Position, and Visibility metrics, we fine-tuned bids for optimal performance, maximizing efficiency for top-performing keywords.
  • Geo-Targeting Optimization: Addressing high CPI in specific geographies, we employed a duplication approach with reduced bids, resulting in a substantial 3.55x decrease in final CPI.

But the journey was fraught with challenges. We encountered turbulent seas and treacherous terrain, navigating the ever-shifting currents of the digital landscape with steely determination. We overcame each obstacle through perseverance and strategic ingenuity, emerging more robust and resilient.

Step 3: Scaling via Google Ads

Venturing into the realm of Google, we harnessed the power of enchantments to scale our efforts to new heights.

Our Strategy:

  • Bid Strategy Testing: Extensive testing led us to adopt Maximum Clicks as the preferred strategy for maximizing Impression Share and improving CPI outcomes.
  • SKAG Structure Campaign (Exact Type): Adopting a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) structure for exact match keywords enhanced Impression Share, while personalized ads for each keyword bolstered CTR.
  • Geo-Segmentation: Observing most impressions from TIER-1 countries, we segregated this segment into a distinct campaign. This redistribution of impressions volume to promising geographies scaled conversion outcomes.

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Step 4: Influencer Collaboration (TikTok)

We teamed up with a TikTok influencer in our quest for marketing mastery. Their video reviews worked like a charm, bringing in loads of new users and boosting our paid customer numbers by 40%! The results were remarkable:

  • A staggering 300% increase in branded queries.
  • A notable 40% surge in Paid Users.
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Grand Finale: Our Results

Case Shopify App Promotion, копия-4

And so, after all our adventures and marketing magic, here’s what we achieved:

  • Active Users: Increased to 1520
  • Cost Per Install: Reduced to $5.53
  • Average Installs per Month: Surged to 164

This case study highlights the significant benefits of a well-coordinated multi-channel marketing strategy in enhancing app adoption and user engagement within the Shopify ecosystem.

The End… For Now

This narrative concludes our current marketing journey, but the path to innovation and growth continues. We look forward to exploring new strategies and achieving even more significant successes in the future. Stay tuned for more chapters in our ongoing quest to master the art of digital marketing.