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Fortunatos is an in-house, KPI-oriented marketing agency that drives impactful and meaningful business growth. We collaboratively work with you to yield results to succeed in Google Ads.



Trackable income generated across our portfolio.



Minimum increase in returns on investment thanks to our services.



Average decrease in CPL with our ad solutions.

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More about Paid Search Advertising

Our experts take an in-depth look at your project, mission, and main goals. We research your competitors and get insights about your core audience before we find ways to best serve your ads to them.

Our services are based on a clear understanding of what your business needs for continued growth and profitability. So, rest assured that you don’t need to wait months to see the first results, we will show how paid search ads can help you achieve your goals in a couple of weeks.

These services include:

  • Account configuration and Setup
  • Customized strategy
  • Campaign setup, management, and optimization
  • Creative development
  • KPI management
  • Weekly and monthly performance reporting

In-House Benefits

A Fully Managed Service

  • Specialists who work alongside your marketing team
  • Experienced CMO who provides targeted guidance
  • A capable staff that provides round-the-clock support
  • A project manager dedicated to overseeing your project

Our team builds and implements a proven hypothesis and drives crucial results for your paid search campaigns.

Our Google Ads services will get you where you want to go, whether that's increasing revenue on paid search or generating qualified leads for your business.

Your Success Story Awaits

Witness the transformations that our PPC services have brought to our clients' businesses.

Bruce Sutton | Chief Marketing Officer
Our digital marketing strategy is efficient, and the results are indisputable. We’re driving inbound leads to our site that result in revenue of over $250k. I love working with Fortunatos because they’re diligent, well-versed, and eager to learn.
Carmella Andrews | VP Marketing
Fortunatos helped me improve my Google Ads campaign. As a result, my ROI is now 165% higher, and I'm getting more leads from PPC.

Here’s How We Work

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1 Step

Client Onboarding

We take a deep dive into your business, researching your niche and conducting competitor analysis to understand what you need to succeed in paid search.

2 Step

Digital Strategy Creation

We take your business and its audiences into account to develop a Digital Strategy. that delivers on your goals and priorities. This also includes paid search planning services.

3 Step

Launching and Optimization

We launch and optimize your paid search campaigns based on comprehensive real-time reporting. Once live, our experts conduct continuous data analysis to find ways to increase campaign ROI.

4 Step

Results and Reporting

With a steady increase in your revenue and returns, you start witnessing your brand's impact on paid search. We offer weekly and monthly performance reports based on KPIs.

Case Studies

Let’s see what our customers have to say

Industry: Finance

The Problem

Our client is a forex broker that offers trading services for several financial instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, and CFDs. Main issues: the project's specifics, related to financial speculation; the primary EU traffic.


  • CPL registration should not be higher than $10
  • CPL per client with a deposit of no more than $60
  • CPI not higher than - 0.4

The Results

844Lead (with deposit)


1,268%Return on Investment (ROI)

Industry: EdTech

The Problem

EdTech is an online resource that offers access to various design courses. The courses include graphics, web, multimedia, and more. The classes correspond to different difficulty levels to meet the needs of other users - from beginners to experienced professionals.


  • CPL no more than $ 50-60, ROMI no less than 100%
  • Promotion with an average check (CPO) of at least $ 1,000

The Results




What We Offer

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All our secrets

    How Do I Choose a Google Ads Agency?

    Selecting the right Google Ads agency depends on multiple factors. To begin with, always check the previous experience of the marketing agency shortlisted. A good Google Ad agency knows how to transform your business by selecting the appropriate products, identifying KPIs to measure, tracking goals, and developing a custom ads strategy meeting your business's needs. Additionally, it will regularly monitor, evaluate and adjust your campaign based on your paid ad data, ensuring the highest ROI on ad spend.

    Why Should I Invest in Google Ads?

    Google Ads is known to deliver rapid performance growth, unlike SEO, which could take months to increase organic traffic. It is a budget-friendly alternative as one only pays when a customer clicks on your ad link. It allows you to target your campaign to specific demographics, behavior, and other characteristics. You are in control, as it enables you to tailor every aspect of the campaign.

    What is the minimum amount to run Google Ads?

    In case you are new to Google Ads, we will develop a tailored media strategy with different budgets and timeframes. All of our ad campaigns are result-oriented and focus on delivering optimized results by starting at the bare minimum and slowly scaling when it is profitable. Besides this, our experts recommend your first month's minimum budget with an average daily budget of around USD 10 –50.

    Who Will Be Involved in My Google Ads Project?

    You gain access to various benefits when you partner with an in-house Google Ads marketing agency. You have the combined proficiencies of a team of specialists that works closely with you, assisting you in achieving scalable growth. With Fortunatos, you get hold of an experienced Paid Search Team, which allows you to break all grounds and create a mark in the competitive digital world.

    Important Notice: Fortunatos Does Not Request Banking Info or Offer Deposits/Rewards
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