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More about Fintech SEO

It starts with a thorough analysis of your B2B SEO project as we understand your goals for it. This includes looking into what your rivals are up to, learning about your target demographic, and discovering the right keyword choices. The next step is to develop a solid SEO plan that increases targeted organic traffic using insights and data.

Our SEO specialists take the time to learn what you need to expand your online presence and boost your bottom line. So, when we finally implement our strategy, you can expect to see tangible benefits in as little as two months.

These services include:

  • Customized SEO strategy
  • Semantic core developing
  • Tech SEO
  • Content optimization
  • Link Building & Acquisition
  • Weekly and monthly SEO performance reporting

In-House Benefits

A Fully Managed Service

  • Specialists who work alongside 
your marketing team
  • Experienced CMO and Team Leads who provide targeted guidance and support
  • A capable staff that’s always available to complete critical digital tasks
  • A dedicated project manager who keeps you up-to-date with results and more

Our SEO specialists research, build and implement a proven strategy based on a powerful hypothesis that drives critical results and improves your website's ranking in search results.

This can be your secret to getting to the top faster and staying there for the long term. Greater credibility, more profitability, and more traffic than you thought possible – get it all with Fortunatos.

Your Success Story Awaits

Be inspired by the diverse range of clients we've helped achieve their specific business goals through custom-tailored SEO solutions.

Daniel Patel | Founder
Fortunatos B2B SEO service has been exceptional. Their team's expertise drove a 400%+ increase in organic traffic within 12 months. Their personalized approach and attention to detail are impressive.
Chloe Green | Head of Marketing
Fortunatos SEO strategies were remarkable in increasing our qualified leads from just a few to almost 1000 per month. Their deep dive into our product and powerful hypothesis suggestions were truly impressive.

Here’s How We Work

All our secrets

1 Step

Client Onboarding + Initial Audit

We take an in-depth look at your digital presence, researching your niche and competitors and auditing your website for its current SEO status.

2 Step

Identify Keywords

Our search engine optimization experts find keywords that have the potential to boost your website's search engine rankings and bring in new customers. We also implement long-term strategies for competitive keywords and optimize your content.

3 Step

Technical SEO

We optimize your website for the most critical technical SEO factors, making it easier and faster for search engines to find and evaluate your content.

4 Step

OnPage SEO

We optimize page-by-page metatag and header using human curation and algorithmic formulae when A/B testing to determine the optimal set. Copywriters and ChatGPT are used to create one-of-a-kind material for optimum results.

5 Step

OffPage SEO

Our optimal plan for you includes outreach, backlinks, and access to private blog networks (PBNs). The anchor list is subject to the same scrutiny and will make sure everything goes smoothly.

6 Step

Results and Reporting

By now you should be able to see the impact of a search-optimized website in the form of better visibility, more traffic, smarter position dynamics, and growing sales.

Case Studies

Let’s see what our customers have to say

Industry: Crypto

The Problem

Bitcoin and Tether exchange platform. GEO: Europe, Asia, Africa. The main goal of this project is to increase organic traffic, registrations and conversions. KPI's:
  • Traffic x2 per 6 month
  • Registration growth 50%+

The Results

+314%Traffic increase

+274%Registration increase

+225%Conversions increase

Industry: Forex

The Problem

Famous Forex broker. GEO: Africa, Asia, South America. The main goal of this project is to increase organic traffic, registrations and number of deposits. Also, to develop a strategy for Indonesia and etc. KPI's:
  • Traffic +30% per 12 month
  • Registration growth +25%+

The Results

+64%Traffic increase

+84%Registration increase

+48%Number of deposits increase

What We Offer

Fintech SEO-Related Services

Skyrocket your organic reach and sales.
Ecommerce SEO
E-commerce SEO increases exposure and draws in more buyers.
Shopify SEO
Bring in the right people and generate quality leads.
Local SEO
Optimization for local search engines raises your rank in relevant local results.
SEO Audit
Fix the issues stopping your site from rising in the SERPs.
Paid Search Advertising
Leverage insightful keyword research and engaging copy to make your paid search advertising a success!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All our secrets

    Is Fintech SEO really worth it?

    Fintech SEO is essential for financial services businesses. It improves online visibility, attracts qualified leads, and drives conversions. Optimizing your website and content can improve search engine rankings and gain insights into your target audience, leading to increased revenue and business growth.

    How much does Fintech SEO cost?

    The cost of Fintech SEO varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. However, most reputable agencies offer services starting from $1,500 per month. This investment can provide significant returns, including increased online visibility, more qualified leads, and higher conversions.

    How long does Fintech SEO take?

    At our agency, we use a unique in-house method that prioritizes the most impactful SEO strategies to deliver quicker results. While the timeline for Fintech SEO can vary, our approach has shown positive performance in as little as 2-3 months.

    Who is assigned to my Fintech SEO team?

    Your team includes the following:
    - Project Manager
    - SEO Manager
    - Content Strategist
    - Team Lead SEO
    - CMO

    Important Notice: Fortunatos Does Not Request Banking Info or Offer Deposits/Rewards
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