ChatGPT has tremendous potential, but its results can be unpredictable depending on the user’s request. The more precise the wording, the better the neural network can perform the task set by the user.

Language models are trained on data created by humans, but this does not make them more human-like. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to formulate the request correctly. Correct instructions can lead to interesting conversations, accurate predictions, and faster work.

However, ChatGPT has some limitations. For example, it knows nothing about events that occurred after 2021 since it was trained on data up to that year. Another problem is that due to the large number of users, the server can be overloaded. Additionally, ChatGPT is only a language model and is unable to generate images, but it can create requests for neural networks that do this.

When composing a request for ChatGPT, the following algorithm should be followed. First, choose an action word such as “create“, “write“, “make“, “generate“, “explain“, or “describe“. Then, add context that will bring the result closer to the ideal. Additionally, the request should be specific so that ChatGPT can work with it. Specific details, such as a title or text recipient, should be added, and the length of the response should be limited. In some cases, a detailed instruction may be required to help ChatGPT perform the task, such as when creating a weight loss menu.

One of ChatGPT’s most effective features is its ability to work as an assistant in various fields. To do this, you just need to explain your role to it.

Practical Tips for Working Chat GPT Prompts

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help you in your work. Below are some of the possibilities that can take your interaction with it to a new level:

  1. Outputting results as a table. ChatGPT can present an answer as a table, which greatly simplifies working with information. This can be a list of lunch ideas and ingredients, or days of the week and their translation into other languages. The resulting table can be edited and even converted into a standard format compatible with other programs (such as Microsoft Excel).
  2. Generating text in the style of a favorite author. Ask ChatGPT to write in the style of Hemingway, Shakespeare, or Dickens to make the interaction with the chatbot more interesting. Of course, the results will not match classic works, but it will make the interaction more creative.
  3. Describe your audience. Another way to change ChatGPT’s answers is to describe the audience. This can be a group of ten-year-olds or a meeting with entrepreneurs.
  4. Generate ASCII graphics. ChatGPT specializes in working with text, but can create images from letters and symbols.
  5. Copy text from other sources. No longer do you need to enter text manually. If you have a long text, ChatGPT can break it into paragraphs, formulate a brief summary, explain a complex scientific concept, or translate it into another language.
  6. Provide examples. Another way to improve ChatGPT’s answers is to provide the chatbot with data. For example, you can provide a list of book descriptions with genre indications and ask to assign a genre to a new description. Another option is to tell ChatGPT about the activities you like and ask for advice on something else.
  7. Get a comprehensive view of the problem. ChatGPT will offer arguments from different sides and even describe their advantages and disadvantages. To give ChatGPT context and allow it to better understand your request, copy the conversation history from the list on the left into your query.
  8. Check spelling and grammar. ChatGPT can help you check the spelling and grammar of your texts using the autocorrect function. Just ask it to check your text for errors.
  9.  Use different languages. ChatGPT supports many languages, so feel free to use it in different languages. This can be useful if you work with international clients or are trying to learn a new language.
  10. Apply ChatGPT to generate new ideas. ChatGPT can help you generate new ideas for various projects. Just ask it to generate a list of ideas on a certain topic, and it will provide you with many options.
  11. Use ChatGPT to create content. ChatGPT can help you create content for your blog, website, or social media. Just ask it to write an article on a specific topic, and it will generate text that you can use for your purposes.

Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can assist you with various text-related tasks. Use it confidently and experiment to get the maximum benefit from this tool.


Best ChatGPT Prompts

20 Best Prompts ChatGPT for SEO

  1. Create a valid XML sitemap containing the following URLs: [URLs]
  2. Create the .htaccess rewrite rules to 301-redirect [source location] to [location destination]
  3. Generate robots.txt rules to block the crawl [location to block] but allow the crawling of [location to crawl] within the domain…Generate robots.txt rules to block the crawl
  4. Improve [text] to ensure the content is relevant and informative for the [target audience].
  5. Rewrite [text] and use headings and subheadings to break up the content and make it easier to read using the keyword [keyword].
  6. Paraphrase this [text] and use active voice and short sentences to make the content more readable for [target audience] in the context of [keyword].
  7. Improve this [text] by adding a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage readers to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.
  8. Rewrite this [text] by including relevant quotes and statistics to support your arguments and make the content more trustworthy.
  9. Compose a unique meta description using relevant keywords that accurately reflects the content of our website.
  10. Develop an effective meta description that clearly communicates the primary purpose of our website to our users.
  11. Create a distinctive meta description that effectively conveys the unique selling proposition (USP) of our product or service.
  12. Generate a concise and accurate meta description that summarizes the central topic of our webpage.
  13. Craft a persuasive meta description that highlights the unique value proposition (UVP) of our website and differentiates it from competitors.
  14. Generate a comprehensive meta description that includes the primary keyword for the webpage and its related synonyms to increase visibility.
  15. Create a compelling and attention-grabbing meta description that encourages users to click on our website in search results.
  16. Write a convincing meta description that effectively communicates the primary benefit of our website to our target audience.
  17. Create a standout meta description that not only summarizes the webpage accurately but also stands out among other search results.
  18. Compose a powerful meta description that includes the main keyword for the webpage and a clear call to action (CTA) to drive user engagement.
  19. Suggest 5 blog post title ideas for the keyword [keyword] targeted [audience].Suggest 5 blog post title ideas for the keyword [forex] targeted [men 30-40].
  20. Rewrite the text above and include the following SEO keywords [Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3]..

20 Best Prompts ChatGPT for PPC

  1. I need to create some responsive display ads for a Google Ads campaign. Please suggest images, headlines and descriptions for a meatless shepherd’s pie with spokesperson Paul McCartney. Lyric puns are acceptable
  2. Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “Ms. Hvac’s HVACs.” Explain why the ads would make a good test.
  3. What can a person do from this page, and why would they want to do it? [LP URL]
  4. I’m currently driving paid search traffic to this landing page [LP URL]. How would you suggest improving it so that we get a better conversion rate?
  5. Rewrite a headline for [LP URL] that explains [unique value proposition] and includes the phrase [keyword phrase].
  6. Please write a SWOT analysis for EGO power products.
  7. If I were going to run ads for Impossible Foods on the Google Display Network, what types of sites and channels should I target?
  8. Create a list of competitors for [my company] and their estimated monthly paid search spend.Create a list of competitors for [my company] and their estimated monthly paid search spend.
  9. Please create a list of competitors to List the name of the company, the location of their headquarters, the size of the company (small, medium or large) and whether they are a direct or indirect competitor. Please compile the results in a table format.
  10. Can you create video scripts for video ads that we can use on TikTok and YouTube shorts based on the 2 ad ideas above?
  11. My conversions from paid traffic are down 20% month over month. What metrics and dimensions should I look at to find the cause?My conversions from paid traffic are down 20% month over month.
  12. You are documenting a channel experiment where you tested the hypothesis that by [testing X] will achieve [desired outcome]. These were the results [Insert test results]. Write me an Experiment Summary answering the question, ‘What are the big takeaways from this experiment?
  13. “I’m going to tell my client that paid search performance is down month over month because of seasonality. How might they respond that would challenge my conclusion?
  14. Write a brief email to a client asking for $15K additional budget because there’s opportunity to increase lead volume below the target CPA.
  15. Using the DiSC profile, write one email for the Dominant personality, and write another version for the Steady personality.
  16. Act like you are an experienced Google ads professional. I want to create responsive display ads for Google Ads. Suggest me some creative images, headlines, and descriptions for [your goal here]
  17.  Act like you are an experienced Google ads professional. I want to create two Google search ads (RSA) for A/B testing purposes for <details>. Justify your choice as well.
  18. Act like you are an experienced Google ads professional. I want to create Google ads for <details here>. Generate some effective ad headline ideas.
  19. Act like you are an experienced PPC and Google ads professional. I want to create YouTube ads for <details>. Generate some short & effective CTA ideas
  20. Can you generate a sales landing page that this PPC ad campaign will drive traffic to? Include placeholder images with alt tags and use markdown formatting.


In conclusion, writing effective prompts for ChatGPT can greatly improve SEO and PPC performance, as well as assist with various text-related tasks in 2023. As one of their top tools for SEO and PPC specialists, ChatGPT can be used as an assistant in various fields, from generating text in the style of a favorite author to creating content for a blog or website.

When composing a request for ChatGPT in 2023, it’s important to choose an action word, add context, be specific, and limit the length of the response. In addition to its text-generation capabilities, ChatGPT has advanced features such as outputting results as a table, generating ASCII graphics, and even checking spelling and grammar.

By experimenting with different prompts in 2023, users can get the maximum benefit from this powerful tool. Whether you’re a marketer looking to improve your SEO and PPC performance or a content creator in need of inspiration, ChatGPT is a valuable resource that can help you achieve your goals.