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    • a lot of resources invested, poor ROI, low CR
    • wrong social media targeting for wrong audience
    • negative brand perception
    • unattractive, badly-sectioned website with no organic traffic


    • well-structured, optimized campaigns and 2X ROI
    • consistent messaging to relevant audiences
    • insreased brand visibility and reputation growth
    • beautiful, user-friendly, and clear website with updated content, that drives stable traffic

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    Boosting your website's traffic is essential for expanding your online presence and reaching a wider audience. We offer strategies that drive targeted traffic to your site, ensuring higher visibility and engagement.


    SEO (Organic search)

    Google & Facebook Ads

    Content Marketing


    Converting website visitors into leads is crucial for business growth. We specialize in lead generation techniques that capture the interest of potential customers, nurturing them into valuable prospects.


    Landing Page Optimization

    Lead Magnet Development

    Social & Native Advertising


    Turning leads into paying customers is the ultimate goal. Our sales-focused strategies are designed to maximize conversions, increase revenue, and drive long-term business growth.


    Shopping Campaign

    Sales Funnel Optimization

    Marketing Automation

    Our Case Study

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    Industry - Crypto

    The Problem

    Bitcoin and Tether exchange platform. GEO: Europe, Asia, Africa. The main goal of this project is to increase organic traffic, registrations and conversions. KPI's:
    • Traffic x2 per 6 month
    • Registration growth 50%+

    The Results

    +314% Traffic increase

    +274% Registration increase

    +225% Conversions increase

    Industry - Software-as-a-Service

    The Problem

    SaaS project for emergency notifications. Main audience: Healthcare, Government Administration, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Automotive and Financial services. GEO - TIER1, TIER2. KPI's:
    • Traffic 45,000+ per month
    • Number of Accounts increased in x3

    The Results

    34k → 93k Traffic growth

    15 → 65 MQL growth

    Industry - Software-as-a-Service

    The Problem

    SaaS project for mobile apps. Main audience: app owners, marketers, and ASO specialists. GEO: TIER-1. The main goal of this project is to increase organic traffic, number of paid accounts, and develop a PBN network. KPI's:
    • Traffic 25,000+ per month
    • Number of Accounts increased in x3

    The Results

    7.5k → 180k Traffic growth

    200 → 1,700 Number of Accounts increased

    60 → 70 Ahrefs DR

    Industry - Forex

    The Problem

    Famous Forex broker. GEO: Africa, Asia, South America. The main goal of this project is to increase organic traffic, registrations and number of deposits. Also, to develop a strategy for Indonesia and etc. KPI's:
    • Traffic +30% per 12 month
    • Registration growth +25%+

    The Results

    +64% Traffic increase

    +82% Registration increase

    +48% Number of deposits increase

    Industry - Real Estate

    The Problem

    Vacation rentals in New Jersey. The client's main requirement is to increase the number of bookings and to handle the redesign process. Additional goal - to increase CR. KPI's:
    • Traffic
    • Booking inquiries
    • Increase the number of rentals & bookings

    The Results

    6k → 19k Traffic growth

    500 → 2.2k Booking inquiries

    +60% Conversion rate increased

    Industry - Legal Services

    The Problem

    Personal lawyer in Philadelphia. Our recent successful case for a local legal service provider in Philadelphia showcases the power of local SEO. By optimizing clients website and Google My Business listing, we were able to increase their online visibility and attract more clients to their practice. KPI's:
    • Traffic
    • Leads
    • TOP3 in Google Maps

    The Results

    3,240% Increase in organic traffic in 24 months

    150% Increase leads from website

    TOP-1 Google Maps for primary keywords

    Industry - Ecommerce

    The Problem

    Online furniture store. Main audience: homeowners and tenants. GEO - Europe. The client's main requirement is to increase organic traffic and revenue from organic search. KPI's:
    • Traffic x2
    • Revenue growth x2

    The Results

    82k → 168k Traffic growth

    11kk → 42kk Revenue growth

    Industry - Ecommerce

    The Problem

    Maternity, Nursing & Postpartum Clothin online store. GEO-US. The client's main requirement is to increase relevant traffic from organic search and revenue from organic search. KPI's:
    • More than 200 product sales per month.
    • Monthly revenue over $50,000
    • Increase AOV

    The Results

    145k → 480k Traffic growth

    $406k → $1,980k Revenue growth

    $80 → $110 AOV growth

    Industry - Shopify

    The Problem

    Online clothing store. Main audience: males and females 18-45 years old. GEO-UK. It was necessary to improve the visibility of key queries in search results. KPI's:
    • Boost positions for top-priority keywords
    • Boost organic traffic in search results
    • Raise the number of sales

    The Results

    1,254 → 7,700+ TOP10 Keywords

    5,924 → 27,800+ Organic traffic

    120 → 610 Purchase

    Industry - Shopify

    The Problem

    Premium online store for men. Main audience: wealthy men. GEO-US. There was a lack of traffic and purchases. The client wanted to fix the situation. KPI's:
    • More than 200 product sales per month.
    • Monthly revenue over $50,000

    The Results

    60 → 280+ Product sales per month

    $15,000 → $59,000+ Revenue

    Industry - Shoes

    The Problem

    Shoes shop that sells on all Amazon EU marketplaces. The main goal of this project is to increase sales on Amazon, improve ACoS and ROAS. KPI's:
    • Revenue 75,000+ per month
    • ROAS 4+
    • ACOS 30%

    The Results

    $105,000 Revenue

    19.09% ACOS

    5.25% ROAS

    Industry - Home Improvement

    The Problem

    Manufacturer of high-strength home and garden products such as planter boxes, deck boxes, dog beds, and dog bowls. Main audience: homeowners from the USA. The main goal of this project is to increase sales on Amazon, including the development of Amazon store and increase CR through redesign and optimization of product cards. KPI's:
    • Revenue 100,000+ per month
    • ROAS 3+
    • ACOS 40%

    The Results

    $142,061 Revenue

    26.18% ACOS

    3.82 ROAS

    Industry - Home renovation

    The Problem

    Project - Home improvement marketplace that helps to find home improvement partners. GEO - USA.


    • CPL below $30
    • Revenue increase in 200%+ in 4 month

    The Results

    $28 CPL

    +15% ROI increased

    +540% Revenue increased

    Industry - Healthcare

    The Problem

    Project - Membership-based veterinary project for pet owners. Launch Taboola Ads from scratch. Audience - pet owners. GEO - US.


    • ROAS 4+
    • Revenue $10,000+ per month

    The Results

    4,5+ ROAS

    $17,000 Revenue

    Industry - Luxury Accessories

    The Problem

    Project - Luxury Tech Gadgets such as iPhone cases, AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, Apple Watch straps, and a range of small leather goods, including cardholders, glasses cases, passport covers, and wallets. Accessories are crafted with a variety of genuine leathers.


    • Launching expensive products for promotion from scratch
    • ROAS 4+

    The Results

    €542,042 Revenue

    942 Orders

    5.4 ROAS

    Industry - Home decor

    The Problem

    Project - Wooden goods online store: wooden world maps, wall paintings, etc.. There were no limitations in the audience, and the geography of marketing activity was worldwide. Scaling with ROAS 4+. KPI's:
    • Solving the issue with the problems of page trust during the launch of advertising activities
    • ROAS 4+
    • Testing new hypotheses that can subsequently increase the effectiveness of advertising activities

    The Results

    $84,948 Revenue

    $38.4 Cost per Order

    4.48 ROAS

    Industry - Fintech

    The Problem

    Project - Fintech startup that helps to find the best price on the market to get the best deal. GEO - TIER1, Europe. Main channel - SEO.


    • Organic Traffic 5%+ per month
    • CR 3%+

    The Results

    +12% Average increase in organic traffic during 1 year

    3.2%+ CR

    3,500,000+ Total organic traffic

    Industry - Fintech

    The Problem

    Project - Fintech startup that helps to save & invests, earn bonus rewards while you shop online and personal accounting. GEO - USA.


    • Revenue increase +200% in 7 month
    • ROI increase in 75%

    The Results

    -135% CPL decreased

    +95% ROI increased

    +340% Revenue increased

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