A project providing online dating services approached the Fortunatos team with a request to optimize the website to increase organic traffic. The goal of the project was to identify the main challenges that were reducing the site’s position in search engines and develop a strategy to address them.

The main challenges:

  • lack of organic traffic;
  • lack of positions for targeted queries;
  • highly competitive dating niche;
  • many localizations for SEO;
  • great desire of the client to occupy the top position in the niche.

Step 1: Collect data and analyze the current state

Before starting the optimization process, the Fortunatos team conducted a thorough analysis of the website using various tools and methods.

Technical Audit:

  • Parsing the site using Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Netpeak Spider tools to identify technical issues.
  • Analyzing errors and alerts in Google Search Console (GSC) to identify ongoing issues.

Link Profile Analysis:

  • Offloading link data from Ahrefs and Google Search Console.
  • Evaluate the quality and relevance of a site’s link profile.

Content Analysis:

  • Researching search queries and analyzing the output to identify potential keywords.
  • Developing a content plan based on the results of the analysis.

Step 2: Identify critical issues and develop a strategy

After collecting data and analyzing the current state of the site, the main problems faced by the project were identified.

  • Superfluous pages and duplicate content:
    • Many redundant pages, such as user profile pages with duplicate content, were causing the site to become blurred and its position in search engines to deteriorate;
  • Duplicate meta tags:
    • Meta tags (titles and descriptions) on different site pages often overlap, causing problems with content uniqueness and search engine perception of the site.
  • Failure to match the site to user requests:
    • The absence of certain elements on pages that are present on competitors’ pages resulted in an incomplete and incomplete site in the eyes of the target audience and search engines.

Based on the identified issues, the Fortunatos team developed an optimization strategy that included the following steps:

  • Removing or hiding unnecessary pages that were only wasting the site’s crowding budget.
  • Optimizing the meta tags for each page to increase their uniqueness and relevance.
  • Adding missing elements to pages to improve user experience and match search engine queries.

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Results and conclusions

After implementing a website optimization strategy, the following results were achieved:

  • Reducing redundant pages and eliminating duplicate content helped improve the clarity and relevance of the site for search engines.
  • Optimizing meta tags helped improve clickability in organic renditions.
  • Adding missing elements to the pages helped improve user satisfaction and interaction rates.

As a result of the joint work of the project team and the agency, it was possible to significantly increase the site’s organic traffic and improve its position in search engines, contributing to business growth and strengthening its position in the online dating market.