Social Media Advertising

Nowadays everything is out there in social media. We provide top-quality services on social media advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.


Ride the trend

Social media is a trend to stay: using social media in your marketing strategy guarantees a pool of potential clients. Our team crafts a perfect strategy for your project to attract the target auditorium and represent your business online.


Social media management

SMM is the core of both the company’s brand awareness and advertising. Increase the traffic brought to your website, build stronger engagement and boost the reputation of your project – we help your business bloom in social media.


Social media advertising

Advertising in social media will help your business grow and prosper. It’s cheaper than traditional media, yet much more effective, and the targeting opportunities are wider – shoot the bull's eye of the clientele with your carefully measured ads.


A brand-new look

The appearance is important, and so is the user experience. Let us create your business a beautiful and engaging wrap to make it visually pleasing for clients and at the same time as useful as possible.

Case Study
recent projects
Facebook + Instagram Audit
It is FREE
  • ‎ Express audit (free)
  • ‎ Account analysis (paid)
  • ‎ Ad sets and Ads audit (paid)
  • ‎ Pixel audit (paid)
  • ‎ Targeting audit (paid)
  • ‎ Individual manager (paid)
  • ‎ Full Facebook + Instagram audit - $ 200. Contact us for details.
Social PPC Advertising Standard
from $1000
  • ‎ ‎Facebook + Instagram Audit
  • ‎ Review historical data and create KPI's
  • ‎ Facebook + Instagram advertising
  • ‎ Facebook + Instagram management
  • ‎ Pixel optimization
  • ‎ Weekly ROI reports
  • ‎ Individual manager
Social PPC Advertising In-house
from $1500
  • ‎ Social PPC Advertising Standard
  • ‎ Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube advertising(optional)
  • ‎ Infographics
  • ‎ KPI oriented
  • ‎ Data-driven analytics
  • ‎ Professional team: Project manager, Social PPC specialist, Social PPC team lead, Business Analytics, CTO.
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